Parking Violations

Parking violations & fines

Fines will be assessed for the following parking violations. Fines that go unpaid will result in a hold on student accounts. This hold means a student cannot register for classes, obtain transcripts, or enroll at any other Minnesota State institution.

Parking violations listed below are $15:

  • No current permit displayed
  • Expired permit displayed
  • Permit blocked and school personnel are unable to view current year (improper permit location)
  • Improper permit
  • Parking on the grass
  • Blocking loading zones
  • Blocking driveway
  • Blocking other vehicles in parking lot             
  • Blocking Fire Lane
  • Parking in fenced compounds without prior approval
  • Parking in areas marked as NO PARKING
  • Overnight parking in lot without prior approval
  • Parking in areas marked for a special purpose such as childcare parking
  • Improperly parked vehicles (i.e. taking two spaces)
  • Motorcycles not parked in areas designated as “Motorcycle Parking” 
  • Parking in designated visitor parking without proper permits

Misuse of Handicapped Parking Only fee is $200. Handicapped placard or handicapped license plate must be displayed to be eligible to park in a handicapped stall.

Any vehicle parked on campus is parked at the risk of the owner. The college assumes no responsibility for care or protection of any vehicle or its contents.

How to avoid getting towed

Circumstances under which vehicles will be ticketed and/or towed include (but aren’t limited to) the following:

  • Security and parking operations receives a complaint that a vehicle is illegally parked, obstructing traffic, impeding emergency responses and/or college operations, blocking pedestrian traffic, etc.
  • A vehicle that’s been issued three or more citations (paid or unpaid) in the current academic year                
  • A vehicle parked in such a way so as to constitute a hazard, impede vehicular and pedestrian traffic, emergency responses and repair, or grounds operations
  • Vehicles that have been autoclamped for 24 hours will be towed
  • Vehicles that have been left in the lot for 10 consecutive days with no prior authorization

How to avoid getting autoclamped

Vehicles will be ticketed and autoclamped when:

  • A vehicle displays a permit that has been reported as being lost or stolen
  • A vehicle displays a permit that has been altered or forged
  • A vehicle has been issued three or more unpaid parking citations in the previous/current year

A fee of $60 will be assessed for removal of auto clamps.