Repay for Withdrawal

The Federal Return of Funds policy requires repayment of financial aid.

Students who withdraw completely from SCTCC before completing 60% of the term for which the student has been charged will be required to return a portion of the Title IV funds they received (including Pell Grants, and Direct Loans). The return amount will be calculated using the number of days the student attended in the given term and the total number of days in the given term.

This also means that students may owe for tuition and fees for the time the students actually attended. The following chart gives examples of how much tuition will be charged, how much aid must be returned, and how much aid can be kept.

Federal regulations specify that the college must use the date the student inquires about withdrawing as the official withdrawal date. For example, if a student inquires about withdrawing on Monday and states that he/she will withdraw on Friday, Monday is the official withdrawal date.

Use this information to determine if withdrawing is appropriate for you. If you wish to withdraw, please contact the Admissions Office.

To view the full policy go here: S3.29 Withdrawal from SCTCC and the Return of Title IV Refund Policy

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