Financial Aid Disbursement

Any overage on your financial aid will be sent to you either through direct deposit (if you have set it up) or via a check in the mail.

Disbursement Dates*

  Summer 2022 Fall 2022 Spring 2023
Aid Applied to Accounts 5/31/22 8/29/22 1/17/23
Direct Deposits Sent to Bank (Availability varies by bank) 6/3/22 9/2/22 1/20/23
Checks put in Mail 6/6/22 9/6/22 1/23/23

* = Tentative

Please have your direct deposit information completed online through eServices at least two weeks prior to the "Direct deposit sent to bank" date indicated above to ensure that your direct deposit is set up.


Direct Deposit Setup

Step 1

Log in to the eServices site with your StarID and Password.

Step 2

On the left, click "Financial Aid".

Financial aid overage checks will be mailed to the student's local address on file as of the date indicated above if you do not have direct deposit.