Financial Aid and Charging Books

You can charge required books and supplies at the SCTCC bookstore four weeks prior to the start of the semester through the first Wednesday of the semester.

If you have any financial aid left over, you may charge your required books and supplies against your financial aid in the SCTCC BookStore. If you have enough funds, your name will be added to a master list with an estimated amount. You are responsible for bookstore charges if your financial aid does not cover the items charged.

How you can determine if you have enough financial aid to cover books

Check your financial aid award letter under the appropriate credit level to determine the amount of grant funding you should receive. If you have borrowed a Federal Direct Stafford loan, add the amount you will receive for the semester to your grant funding amount. (You must have completed the Federal Direct Stafford Loan Online process and had your loan certified by the college before your loan will be considered as financial aid.) Check “Bills and Payment” in your e-services account to determine your charges.