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Institutional Logos

To ensure a consistent visual identity, it is vital that certain guidelines are followed when using SCTCC logos. Please refer to the SCTCC Brand Standards Guide for guidelines on logo use. All uses of the logo must be preapproved in writing by contacting the SCTCC Marketing Office. In order to provide authorization, a mock-up of the logo in your intended application must be provided. If you need another version or color of the logo, please contact Marketing.

We encourage the use of the SCTCC logo that includes the Minnesota State tagline. This complies with system office brand requirements.

JPEG (.jpg)

EPS (.eps)

PNG (.png)

Cyclones Logo

Show your support for the SCTCC Cyclones! We are happy to announce the unveiling of a new Cyclones logo for our five athletics teams on campus. To maintain a consistent message, please follow the brand guidelines for the new logo. We've provided a logo option for download below in three formats.

After reviewing the brand guidelines, if you need a different variation of the logo, please contact the Marketing or Athletics Departments.

Download the JPG

Download the PNG (transparent background)

Download the EPS


Please have students sign a photo release if you are taking photos in a classroom setting, including screenshots of online classes, and want to use it on marketing materials. Events outside the classroom do not need a release since SCTCC is a public place. You can give the releases to Marketing to hold or keep them in a spot where you can reference them later if needed.

The online release form will prompt you for a StarID - please share that link with students. If you need to know who filled it out, contact Kate Wallace.

Photographs add visual expression and interest to SCTCC communications. Please don't use images pulled from the internet (e.g. Google) as they are low-res print quality and violate copyright infringement laws. There are a few sites that provide high-quality, free, copyright-free images for use:

To add interest to the photos, try close cropping or use photos with extreme perspective for visual interest.If you have any questions or would like additional filetypes, please contact us.

You can find academic program photos to use in materials at this link.

For any Marketing and Communications questions, logo or graphics questions, or college-related items you want promoted, please contact the Marketing Department.

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