Parking Permits

Getting a parking permit

Register your car for a parking permit

All cars must be registered at the link above in order to obtain a permit. This step must be completed every semester an individual wishes to obtain a permit.

To register your car, you will need your:

  • Star ID and Star ID Password
  • Car Make and Model
  • License Plate Number

Parking passes can be picked up at the Library once after a car is registered. The Library is open Monday-Friday, 8:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m.

Student permit fees will be automatically charged to the student account. Faculty and staff can pay outright or through payroll deduction. 

How to use your permit

Parking permits must be placed in the lower driver side corner of the windshield in plain sight.

The permits have a removable adhesive and are not permanently affixed to the vehicle. One permit may be used for more than one vehicle, however, additional permits are available to purchase from the Financial Services window inside Door 1 of the Northway Building for $10.

Approved parking

Parking permits are required to park in SCTCC’s student parking lots A, C, and D and the Health Sciences Building lot. Overflow parking is available in the Whitney Softball Field lots. B lot is strictly for Workforce Center clients only. Please do NOT park in the Whitney Senior Center parking lot.

These parking lots will be patrolled, and cars without permits will be ticketed. 

Unpaid parking tickets will be recorded and will prohibit a student from registering for classes, obtaining transcripts, or enrolling at another Minnesota State institution.

Please note that the purchase of a permit does not guarantee the availability of a parking space at all times at the door nearest your classroom. 

View SCTCC’s parking violations and fine information.

Student parking permits

Students parking rates are $3.25 per credit (e.g., a student taking 9 credits will have a parking rate of $29.25 for that semester). This fee will be charged automatically on a student’s account. 

Students enrolled in distance education courses requiring no campus visits will not be charged.  Students on extended internships, or similar situations off-campus, can request a waiver.

If you forget your parking permit in another vehicle, a daily permit may be purchased in the Financial Services office for $2.

Daily parking permits

Daily parking permits can be purchased in the Financial Services office for $2 up to one day in advance only.

Motorcycle permits

1 motorcycle permit will be issued at no extra charge provided students have paid their tuition and meet the access/parking requirements. Permits should be displayed within 12” of license plate and be visible.

Visitor permits

Visitor parking is designated for guests only. Visitor permits are available at the Admissions Office inside the Main Entrance, Door 1.

Faculty & Staff Parking

Faculty, staff and Workforce Center employees must purchase their own permit each year at the following prices:

  • $97.50 for an annual permit
  • $48.75 for a fall permit
  • Adjunct faculty rates will be based on credits taught each semester. 

This access/parking fee is reviewed annually and subject to change

Replacement permits

Replacement permits for lost or stolen permits may be purchased for $10 each.

Parking Appeals

Appeal forms are available online at the Online Parking Appeal Form. Individuals have the option to be present for the appeal committee meeting.

Tickets must be appealed within five business days of the violation.  Appeals received after the fifth business day will not be considered.

The appeals committee meets every-other Tuesday from 2:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m. during the academic year to hear appeals. Please see the Financial Services office for dates and times. There must be three members of the appeals committee present for business to take place.

Individuals may present their appeals in writing or be present for their appeal. The committee will consider appeals on a first come, first served basis. Written appeal forms are available in the Financial Servies office.

What is the parking fee used for?

The parking fee is used solely for the development and upkeep of SCTCC’s parking lots, access roads, parking security, associated lighting and sidewalks to the campus, and administrative costs associated to access/parking.

All students and employees, regardless of whether their education or employment includes actually parking in the lots, benefit from the establishment and maintenance of the lots. It’s an embedded service that allows service providers, students, faculty, staff, administration, security, delivery vehicles, etc., the necessary access to complete the mission of the college.

Metro Bus

Students who are currently enrolled at SCTCC can ride the Metro Bus to and from campus and throughout the St. Cloud area for free. Just swipe your Cyclone ID card through the farebox to ride. Bus schedules and routes can be seen at their website.