Student Accommodations

Students with documented disabilities are eligible for academic accommodations through the Accessibility Services office. Accommodations are modifications to policies and practices that are provided to students with documented disabilities to ensure equitable access to course content and materials. While accommodations may change the way you access course information or demonstrate knowledge, accommodations do not change the essential elements of a course. Accessibility Services works with SCTCC Faculty and Staff to ensure that accommodations are correctly and promptly implemented.

Accessibility Services works one-on-one with eligible students to create an individualized Accommodation Plan that meets their unique needs. Accommodations are not connected to diagnosis, but to the impact of the diagnosis. Students should come prepared to their initial meeting with Accessibility Services Staff with knowledge of their disability and how it impacts both them and their academics.  

Additionally, accommodations for students with disabilities are protected under federal disability legislature. This means that accommodations are not only a support or a service, but a federal right of the students registered with Accessibility Services.

Temporary Accommodations

Accessibility Services also supports students with temporary disabilities (for example: Broken arm, Seasonal Affective Disorder, concussion, etc.) by providing temporary accommodations. If you have a temporary disability, please follow the same procedure outlined in the Getting Started section (2). Temporary accommodations only last for one semester, so be mindful to check back in with Accessibility Services if your condition persists past that time frame to continue getting support. For renewing temporary accommodations, additional documentation may be needed.

If you have any questions regarding Student Accommodations, please contact Accessibility Services (, 320-308-5064, Office 1-454).

If you are new to Accessibility Services and are looking to register, please navigate to our Getting Started page (2). This page will outline the steps and needed information to get you registered with Accessibility Services.

For a look at some of our Common Accommodations, please navigate to our Common Accommodations page (2.1)