Accessibility Services Policies

Accessibility Services values office transparency regarding all policies and procedures. If you have any questions about Accessibility Services’ policies or procedures, please contact the Accessibility Services Coordinator at 320-308-5064 or at

Policies and Procedures

General Accessibility Services Policy for all Registered Students

  • Students will e-mail their accommodation plan to their faculty, and CC Accessibility Services in that e-mail, when they would like their accommodations in place. Accommodations will be implemented after the e-mail is sent. Accommodations cannot be retroactively applied.
  • All Accessibility Services policies and procedures will be followed so accommodations may be appropriately applied.
  • Students will keep Accessibility Services informed of any relevant changes, situations, or questions regarding services.
  • To be eligible for services, students must self-disclose their disability to Accessibility Services staff.
  • Students are to meet with Accessibility Services at least once per academic year to check in/reevaluate accommodations as needed.
  • Accommodation plans may be changed at any time through a meeting with Accessibility Services staff. Additional documentation may be required.
  • Students who have not been enrolled in classes in the last academic year must meet with Accessibility Services to reevaluate and approve their accommodation plan, whether changes are requested or not.
  • Students are held accountable for all responsibilities listed out in Student Responsibilities. Students are afforded all rights listed in Student Rights.

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