CyclonePRINT: Managed Printing at SCTCC

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The copiers and LaserJet printers connected to SCTCC’s network are now managed and serviced by Minnesota State's preferred provider, Marco, Inc. The new managed print plan strategically locates printers in convenient locations on campus so no one has to go very far to use a printer.

Managed Print Service Benefits

  • Remote monitoring and automated supply delivery
  • Live 24x5 help desk support
  • Remote support with 97% remediation
  • On-site support
  • Unlimited copier/printer equipment training for staff
  • Proactive monitoring and maintenance of technology systems

Marco is Committed to “Giving Back”

  • Minnesota State colleges and universities will receive a 1.5% rebate from Marco on their annual spend.
  • Marco is committed to providing paid internships for a minimum of two Minnesota State colleges and universities.
  • Marco contributes at least 5% of our profits annually to the communities we serve.


Important Facts to Know

How to place a service or supply request, copier/printer service or training:

To request service and supplies:

MPS Questions, Supplies & Service Info

  • Please email MPS general device service and supply questions to:
  • When emailing regarding a device please include: Serial Number (Marco ID #), Make & Model, Location, Contact Person Name & Number, Description of service or supply requested
  • Please complete an IT work request if you wish to move a printer. We cannot move or deploy a printer without doing paperwork with Marco, changing software configurations and network settings.
  • Printer placement and deployment will be reviewed every 90 days.
  • We will have a feature called “follow me printing” where you can send a print job to the “follow me” print queue so it can be released from any printer on campus that is handy for you.
  • You can now print wirelessly to SCTCC printers without being attached to the network via a cable.
  • The networked copiers/printers default to duplex (2-sided) printing. You can still print one-sided copies by selecting one-sided printing in your print options.
  • The networked copiers/printers default to black and white prints. You can print color as needed (on color devices) by selecting color printing in your print options.
  • If you or your department owns/rents a LaserJet printer, MFD or MFP: Please do not renew any maintenance contract or order toner from your usual vendor. All copiers and printers on campus will now be under Marco’s copier and printer services program.
  • Current Marco agreements will be incorporated into the new campus wide agreement.
  • Current non-Marco rental and maintenance agreements will be honored until those contracts expire.
  • For SCTCC assistance, please call room 1-215 at 320-308-5972.




Technology: Tim Furr  |  (320) 308-5177


Business: Dan Holtz |  (320) 308-5572