Office 365 Multi-Factor Authentication FAQs

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) – what is it?

MFA is a common but effective security tool to help keep your SCTCCaccount and information safe, adding an additional layer of protection using more than one verification method (such as only using a password), preventing cybercriminals, hackers, and “bad actors” gaining access to your personal information, including your email, documents, grades, or financial aid information.

Where is MFA used?

MFA will first be used when logging into Microsoft Office 365, which includes Outlook (email), Word (papers, letters, etc.), Excel (spreadsheets), and PowerPoint (presentations). In addition, MFA will be used when accessing your OneDrive, where documents, spreadsheets, presentations, or any other files should be saved.

MFA is easy – just sign in, verify, and get access!

The first time you access Office 365 applications and resources on your desktop, mobile device, or using a web-based browser, it will ask for your Login ID and password. 

If you are a student, use

Faculty and staff, use

You will then be prompted by the system letting you know there is additional information needed – this starts MFA verification when you click “Next.”

Depending on which ways you want MFA to validate your login, the system will prompt how it is contacting you to verify it’s really you logging in.

Once you have responded or entered the correct information, you are in!

Does MFA prompt me EVERY TIME I access Office 365?

You can dramatically reduce how often MFA prompts you, as it can “remember” your MFA setup from the devices you use exclusively and are responsible for, such as a St. Cloud Technical & Community College device personally issued to you or your personally owned device (mobile, home computer, etc.).

Do not use this feature on any public device, such as a shared computer or kiosk anyone can use, including public computers in the library or other locations at St. Cloud Technical & Community College >.

To have MFA “remember,” after you login the first time and use MFA, click on the “Don’t show this again” check box and then click “Yes.”