Cyclone ID Card Faculty & Staff Info

The Cyclone ID card is issued to all currently employed faculty and staff. (If a person is both a faculty/staff member and a student, a Faculty/Staff card will be issued).

Faculty and staff are able to use their Cyclone ID Card as a cash/debit card on campus only. All other benefits are for students only because these benefits are subsidized by the Student Activity Fee.

By simply depositing money onto your student ID into a secure online account, you can purchase goods and services on campus.

Depositing funds onto the Cyclone ID card/Cyclone Cash

There are three ways to deposit funds:

  1. By check, cash, or credit/debit card at the Card Office
  2. By cash only at the Value Transfer Station (VTS) in the Commons, the open labs in room 1-405 and HSB-117 and the Library (Heartland Building).
  3. Make an online deposit using Cyclone Cash Online Deposit Service

NOTE: To make online deposits, you’ll need to know your tech ID number.

Where Cyclone Cash can be used on campus:

  • Commons
  • BookStore
  • Computer Lab copier machine
  • Library copier machine

How to withdrawal cash from your Cyclone Cash account

Cardholders may withdraw funds from their Cyclone Cash account with a written request to the Cyclone Card Office. A $5 processing fee is charged for withdrawal of funds. Money will be refunded through a college check from the business office in 10 to 14 days.