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Why Choose This Program

The Green Energy Certificate gives graduates critical knowledge and tools to assess and develop renewable energy solutions, combining technology, economics, and society's demands. The classes provide an overview of different renewable technologies, energy policy, and economic factors while also developing  analytical and critical thinking skills. Internships will give you real-world experience, and you'll be able to select the best options for renewable energy systems at multiple scales: residential, small businesses, and government.

From Degree to Career

When you choose the Green Certificate at SCTCC, you'll have technical skills to assess and develop renewable energy solutions like solar, wind, hydropower, and geothermal. With the rise of green energy options, graduates with this certificate will have many options for the future.

Individuals seeking to obtain the clean energy and sustainability certificate need to demonstrate capability in communication, interest in green energy, and a natural aptitude for understanding changing technologies related to energy and environmental sciences. Individuals need to be motivated and passionate about green energy in addition to awareness of changing and emerging technologies in green energy. 

Quick Glance

  1. Describe the intersection of Earth systems with energy consumption.
  2. Explain the principles of renewable energy systems.
  3. Differentiate solar, wind, hydroelectric, geothermal energy sources, energy storage, transmission, and smart systems.
  4. Analyze empirical data to evaluate the efficacy of different green energy technologies.
  5. Examine energy policy with respect to economics, social, and environmental development.
  6. Evaluate the best green energy solutions based on an evaluation of the local and regional environmental, social, and economical context.

With this certificate, graduates have opportunities in a variety of fields for their career in green energy. This includes solar, windmill, and geothermal power systems, as well as energy management, renewable technician, and energy analyst.

Quick Glance

  • Electric Power Technology.
  • Electrical Solar System Technology.
  • Electrical Windmill System Technology.
  • Electrical Geothermal Systems Technology.
  • Energy Management (BAS).
  • Energy Services and Renewable Technician.
  • Energy Analyst.
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Solar panels
Solar panel installation
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Students choose SCTCC for a lot of reasons, but saving money is one reason we hear from almost every student at SCTCC. We’ve got a breakdown of the costs for the program, along with information on financial aid and scholarships.

Current Students

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Environmental Science Instructor
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