Land Surveying/Civil Engineering

Degrees and Certificates

Why Choose This Program

If you love the outdoors and the idea of not being chained to a desk, the SCTCC Land Surveying and Civil Engineering Technology program may be the perfect fit for you.

In our program, students will learn surveying and drafting techniques, along with design and construction practices that involve sewer, water, streets, roads, and land surveying. Graduates will be skilled in modern surveying equipment, computer applications, computer-aided drafting and design, and surveying methods.

As an essential part of city, county, state, and federal infrastructure, you can put a Land Surveying and Civil Engineering degree to work for government agencies like the MN Department of Transportation, Department of Natural Resources, counties, and larger cities.

You could also follow a career path with private engineering or architectural firms, surveying firms, highway or road contractors, and utility contractors.

Placement rate from self-reported data of employment in field of study up to one year post graduation.

2021 Placement
Central MN Median Wage

Wage data is from Minnesota Dept. of Employment and Economic Development (DEED).

From Degree to Career

When you choose the Land Surveying/Civil Engineering program at SCTCC, you’ll gain skills that will directly transfer to the workplace. There are several employers in the St. Cloud area that have hired graduates of the program, including Marco, Ramsey County, Mcleod County, Stearns County, MN Department of Transportation, and more.

To prepare our students for the workforce, we teach them the skills needed to be successful in their future careers. Our graduates know how to use engineering design and CAD skills in the creation of infrastructure plans and properly operate surveying instruments.

We ensure students have the ability to review, interpret, and understand computations, field methods, and design procedures of Civil Engineering and Land Surveying before graduation. At SCTCC, students also develop critical thinking and creative problem-solving abilities and know how to work successfully as a team member.

Quick Glance

  • Use engineering design and CAD skills in the creation of infrastructure plans 
  • Operate surveying instruments properly 
  • Ability to review, interpret, and understand computations, field methods, and design procedures of Civil Engineering and Land Surveying 
  • Develop critical thinking and creative problem-solving abilities 
  • Work successfully as a team member  

Types of Careers

When graduating from our SCTCC Land Surveying and Civil Engineering program, students have the ability to choose the path they want to take. Our graduates work as Land Surveying Technicians or Civil Engineering Technicians.

Potential Employers

Students have opportunities working in a variety of places. Our graduates have worked with government agencies on the city, county, state, and federal levels. When working at the state level, students have worked with MnDOT and DNR.

SCTCC graduates have also worked with private organizations like engineering, architectural, surveying, and material testing firms. Students have found employment opportunities with private road, highway, and utility contractors.

With a degree in Land Surveying and Civil Engineers, graduates have also worked with CADD drafters and designers, construction inspectors, and even materials testing technicians.

A day in the life of an SCTCC Land Surveying and Civil Engineering graduate often looks like using their skills of using engineering design and CAD skills in the creation of infrastructure plans while working as a Civil Engineer Technician on the state level.

Quick Glance

Types of Careers

  • Land Surveying Technician 
  • Civil Engineering Technician 

Potential Employers

  • Government Agencies:  City, County, State (MnDOT, DNR), and Federal 
  • Private: Engineering/architectural firms, Surveying firms, materials testing firms, highway/road contractors, and utility contractors 
  • CADD Drafter/Designer 
  • Construction Inspector 
  • Materials Testing Technician

With the skills students gain in our Land Surveying / Civil Engineering program, the employment opportunities they find are outstanding. SCTCC graduates have accepted employment with the following public and private companies: 

  • MN Department of Transportation 
  • Short, Elliott, Hendrickson, Inc. 
  • Widseth 
  • Bogart, Pederson, and Associates 
  • Westwood Professional Services 
  • O’Malley and Kron Surveyors 
  • Kramer, Leas, Deleo 
  • Hakanson Anderson 
  • Kraemer Trucking & Excavating 
  • Carlson McCain, Inc.  
  • Stantec Engineering 
  • Bolten & Menk, Inc. 
  • Bollig Engineering, Inc. 
  • WHKS, Inc. 
  • City of St. Cloud 
  • City of Rochester 

Our graduates also work at various counties across the state of Minnesota, such as: 

  • Benton County 
  • Sherburne County 
  • Ramsey County 
  • Anoka County 
  • Mcleod County 
  • Stearns County 
  • Douglas County 

Students who complete the Land Survey/Civil Engineering program at SCTCC can transfer easily to St. Cloud State University for a bachelor's degree in Land Surveying & Mapping Science.

A dual-enrollment option with St. Cloud State University offers a path to a bachelor’s degree in Land Surveying while taking classes at SCTCC to save time and tuition costs. Please contact Sean Clark or Dan Kvaal if you're interested in the dual enrollment option.

Students outside with surveying equipment
Instructor helping a student
Students outside with surveying equipment
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Ready to Take the Next Step?

Are you ready to learn more about the Land Surveying/Civil Engineering program and being a student at SCTCC? Contact our instructors directly or join us for a Construction Info Session to meet with instructors and Admissions representatives to get started.

Connect with the SCTCC Admissions team:

  • Call us at 320-308-5089
  • Email us at
  • On campus Monday-Friday, 8 a.m.-4:30 p.m.

Meet the Admissions Staff.

3:00 PM
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Paying for College

Students choose SCTCC for a lot of reasons, but saving money is one reason we hear from almost every student at SCTCC. We’ve got a breakdown of the costs for the program, along with information on financial aid and scholarships.

 In addition to tuition and fees, students can expect to pay $2795-2995 for books, supplies, and materials.

The following scholarships are specific to Land Survey/Civil Engineering students:

  • Josh Scepaniak Memorial Endowment
  • Westwood Professionals
  • MN Society of Professional Surveyors - 5 scholarships at $1,700 - $2,200
  • City Engineers Association of MN - 2 scholarships at $1,000
  • American Council of Engineering Companies - 1-2 scholarships at $2,000 - $2,500
  • American Public Works Association - 5 scholarships at $1,000
  • MN County Engineers Association - 4 scholarships at $1,000
  • MN Surveyors & Engineers Society 

Apply just once and students are considered for all eligible SCTCC Scholarships.

SCTCC Scholarships

The Land Surveying/Civil Engineering Technology program has a laptop requirement.

Instructions for Purchasing SCTCC Standard Laptop Bundles

  1. Go to the vendor website where you will find laptop pricing and specifications.Vendor site:
  2. Register as an individual and follow the prompts to set-up online profile or login in if you already have an account.
  3. Once you submitted registration please check your email for password.
  4. Once logged into the store site, enter keyword “SCTCC” under the product search to access school-approved laptop bundle options.

*NOTE: Customers must select Credit Card as Payment Method, and either FedEx Ground or Will Pick Up at Store as Delivery Method.  Orders that do not comply with these instructions will not be processed.

Current Students

Current Land Surveying students - this is your place for information.

Sean Clark, PE
Office: 320-308-5012

Dan Kvaal, LSIT
Office: 320-308-5061

Students have the opportunity to join clubs while they're at SCTCC.

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