TRIO - Events

TRIO SSS hosts many workshops and field trips throughout the year to educate and prepare students to be successful in college and beyond. TRIO students can visit nearby destinations for cultural or educational activities. TRIO SSS also sponsors interactive workshops so students can build and develop new skills related to college life.

Transfer University Visits

Each semester, students visit universities that offer transfer options for students hoping to continue on with their education after earning their degree at SCTCC. Students tour the universities and also learn about any TRIO programs offered there.  

Cultural & Education Field Trips

The TRIO SSS program offers a number of cultural and education trips each year. Students have the opportunity to tour local and regional museums and attend events. Examples of past field trips include: Stearns History Museum, Hmong Cultural Center, Science Museum of Minnesota, Heritage House, and Minnesota Renaissance Festival.


TRIO SSS offers workshops on topics including stress reduction, campus technology, financial literacy, and much more. Additionally, the TRIO SSS program also hosts FAFSA and scholarship labs where students can get support and assistance with these applications.

Print or view the Spring 2023 TRIO Events and Workshops Schedule